Castle Bruce Youth Enterprise Center


Castle Bruce Youth Enterprise Centre

The Castle Bruce Youth Centre is located in the eastern part of the island. It is the largest settlement in St. David's Parish, with a population of 1,339. The center is located next to a large playing field where young people engage in sports. The Centre can accommodate about 50 persons in the meeting activity room and the Computer Training Centre, which is equipped with Internet access, has the capacity to train 24 trainees in two periods. The Centre is not set up for camping and as such does not have overnight and kitchen facilities. The center has one (1) inside bathroom and two (2) toilets.

There is no Cable TV available. Access to the Centre from anywhere is dependent on the availability/schedule of passenger buses which usually leave early in the morning. Castle Bruce is an agricultural community and located a few yards from the Youth Centre is a Farmer Service Training Centre. The Castle Bruce Youth Enterprise Centre has a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean and can be used as a business incubator for sewing, auto mechanic and other small businesses.

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