Volunteerism Programme

Youngsters at a session of the Volunteerism ProgrammeThe future of this great nation of ours looks solid as far as the human resource is concerned. Through the Youth Development Division's Volunteerism Programme, a great number of persons have been nurtured over the years for leadership positions. 4-H Local Leaders and Leadership Course tutors to Youth Centre and Summer Day Camp Volunteers have all given invaluable service in the development of persons in their communities. By far, the programme which has turned over the largest number has been the Summer Day Camp.

The Summer Day Camp programme became a volunteer programme focusing mainly on the fourth and fifth formers of high schools, as well as six formers of the Clifton Dupigny Community College. The response was overwhelmingly positive. 45 volunteers came forward to run day camp programmes in 6 piloted communities namely, St Joseph, Soufriere, Roseau, Marigot and Portsmouth. The Grand Bay Programme involved facilitating a planned programme for primary school pupils.

Each team of facilitators (tutors) was headed by a director, who, along with their team, underwent training, to prepare them for the task ahead. The training focused on a theme, previously selected by the Youth Division.

Themes selected over the years included: "Youth: The Environment, Ours to Protect and Build", "Youth in Things Traditional", "Youth and Healthy Living, "Citizenship", among others.

In 1997 another dimension was introduced alongside the Summer Day Camp volunteer programme: A Works/Study Camp Programme. The first of its kind took place at the Delices Youth Centre. This was a one week residential activity involving working on small community project, while at the same time receiving knowledge on important topics, hence the name, Work/Study Camp.

Three of such camps were undertaken: Delices in 1997, Dublanc in 1998 and Soufriere in 1999. Participants were recruited island-wide. Another Work/Study Camp study has not been held since but the Summer Day Camp Programme has continued to impact lives of both the young volunteers and the primary school students.

These well nurtured volunteers of the Summer Day Camp and Work/ Study Camp Programmes can be found in all sectors of the Dominican society contributing in various ways. The Youth Development Division is proud to have assisted in creating that base.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Youth Development Officer in your district.